power transmission polymer silicone composite suspension insulator for sale

About suspension type insulator what you should know?

The composite suspension insulator is not only one of suspension type insulator. But also it belong long rod insulator. So, when you buy silicone rubber composite insulator you need know materials. The composite insulator including overhead long rod insulator, railway composite suspension insulator and so on. Meanwhile, if you want to get more composite polymer insulator please contact us any time.



Voltage: 11kv 33kv 66kv 132kv 230kv 400kv and so on.
Max SML: 500 kN,Cree-page distance or other.
Material: bother composite polymer and silicon rubber.
Color such as red brown gray or customer’s requirement.
Standards: IEC, IEC and so on.
End Fittings:  firstly hot deep galvanized steel.
Application: Both high voltage power line service and main technical date for Long rod insulator up to 500kV.



What type of polymer suspension insulator use for transmission?

Although the suspension type insulator including thousands glass insulators, porcelain insulators. But every product is suitable  for difference projects. For example, if in overhead power transmission you need long rod insulator and the composite suspension insulator. But, if you thinking more material and feature, the silicone rubber composite insulator is the best.  So, it is an importance when you purchase long rod insulator products for your suspension insulators transmission line project. And you can search the polymer suspension insulator manufacturer in google, alibaba, bing and so on. There are overall many composite polymer insulator factories. So, you will easy meet your idea partner and get a good composite suspension insulator price. At the same time, you can contact huadong get more help about long rod insulator project for you.



What’s feature long rod insulator

1. Superior electrical properties and high mechanical strength and so on.
2. Not only good stain resistance, but also good anti-fouling performance.
3. Such as small volume, light weight, lightweight structure, easy to transport and install
4. Good sealing performance, at the same time strong impact resistance and shock resistance.



The glass insulators are not only use in power transmission system but also use in distribution system. It is different the long rod insulator. So, the composite long rod insulator mainly suitable for substation and transformer. Therefore, when you buy the silicone rubber composite insulator you need know it. Once you confirm wrong suspension type insulator. That will waste you much money. At the same time, you want know pin insulator please click pin type insulator.

Why choose huadong service your project?

Huadong is a lead cable fittings manfaucturer in China. It is not only over 15  years experence in cable fittings. But also these products have exported many countries.  Such as: Philippinse, Singapore, Yemen,Thland, UAE and so on. So, when you need the pin type insulator help you can contact us any time. At the same time, we can customize the size according to your requirement. And the lowest 33kv post insulator price for you.

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