the price of porcelain 1kv lt shackle insulator used for low voltage power line

shackle type insulator used for low voltage substation

Although, 11kv lt shackle type insulator is a common type power transmission cable fittings. At the same time,  shackle insulators is very suitable for many power system.


But, only a little people how to use the shackle type insulator. Generally, the shackle porcelain spool insulators used in low voltage distribution lines. Meanwhile, they are otherwise known as spool insulator. So, when you buy these lt shackle insulator you need their feature. When turn to place that is excessive tensile load on the lines. So, These shackles spool insulator can mounte either in the vertical and horizontal position. As long as, the loading is on circumferential grooves in the insulator. In case of, 11kv shackle insulator use in groves by soft-bending wire. Therefore, the shackle porcelain spool insulators use in bolted to the cross-arm of the pole.

spool shackle insulator application and feature


The description of shackles spool insulator

Name: both spool and shackles insulator.
Materails: porcelain or composite, polymer and so on.
Tensile Strength: 45 kn, 70kn, 90kn 120kn.
Color: white, brown, cyan-blue and  so on.
Application: mainly use for lower voltage substation power lines system.
Standards: IEC, ASTM, ANSI and so on.

The spool insulator also as known as a lt shackle insulator is one types of insulator. Generally speaking, shackle porcelain spool insulators use in insulate and support primary neutral and secondary (bare or covere) conductors. Such as, 11kv shackle insulator use at the pole or house using various clevis mounting configurations. The shackle insulator 11kv manufacturer producing according to ANSI C29.3 – 53-2 and so on. At the same time, shackles spool insulator are design with Spool Ties and class 53 compliant. So, the IP-53-2 is a direct replacement for shackle porcelain spool insulators. The advantage of shackle type insulator please view follow.

How to save shackle insulator price for your projects?

Whatever types of lt shackle insulator price you want to buy. Firstly, you need compare  the price from some lead shackles insulator manufacturers. But why do like this?


In order to learn more about the insulators factory’s powerful you need to do these.  Secondly,  how to search the spool insulator supplier?  You can use the google, bing, alibaba and so on. In order to know more reliable information you also do some things. For example,  the shackle type insulator used for where and how to installiong. At last,  you need visit these supliers to see their products quanlity. Whenever you want to visit their factory, you need do the follow things. Production equipment, testing, sample quality, payment term and so on. So, if you need more help please contact huadong free time. Huadong Group has over 15 years export experience in shackle porcelain spool insulators. We are not only custoomize the size and free guy strain type insulator sample for you.


We have export these shackle type insulator to Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Togo and so on. So, we can also very well service for your new project. Meanwhile, if you can contact the direct shackles insulator supplier that will save much money. But why say so? Because of many meddle men get the shackle insulator 11kv from the manufactor. In order to earm more money the add high price then sell end-user. So, if you purchase the porcelain spool insulators from them. You will speed much money for your your project. That’s why,  you get the direct sales manufactuurer is  an importance for you. All of  these advise from huadong group, and we have service more than 30 countries global. At the same time, we promise all the products is high quality. So, please contact us andy time no hesitate.

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