Porcelain fiberglass stay guy strain type insulator use for power line

Description of power line strain type insulator

Although, strain type insulator is only one small type of insulators. But, fiber glass guy strain insulator porcelain are very importance in some power install. Such as, when power line is a dead end of  line and corner or sharp curve. So, the line is subject greater tension. In order to relieve the line of excessive tension, strain type insulator are use for low voltage line (< 11kV). Because of the straining stay wire insulator have powerful tension.



So, it is become more and more popular in some importance substation project. Whenever, you purchase the wire stay type insulator for your new project you need know some things. Firstly, you need learn the structure of your power system. And then you can decide which type stay insulator use of your project. Secondly, you need according to your project to choice strain insulator is use for voltage level of material. The guy strain insulator porcelain including glass, polymer, porcelain and so on. Generally, wire stay type insulator are manufacture from wet process porcelain electrical insulators to ensure a life time.


The feature of stay insulator

Materials: ceramic, porcelain so on.
Color of glaze: brown,white, cyan-blue.
Structure: guy strain Insulator
Failing load: 45 kn, 70 kn, 90 kn, 120 kn and so on.
Minimum creep-age distance 41 mm
Rate voltage: 10kv, 11kv, 35kv, 66kv, 110kv up to 132k.
Application: both high voltage and low voltage.
Standards: IEC, ASTM, ANSI and so on.
Packaging: wooden box or according to your requirement.

The guy strain insulator porcelain application and feature

The fiber glass guy strain insulator porcelain is a type of electrical insulator it work in mechanical tension (strain). The straining stay wire insulator is not only withstand pull of a suspended electrical cable but also withstand tension. So, strain type insulator are used in overhead electrical wiring, in order to support radio antennas and overhead power lines. When stay insulator use of inserted between two length of cable. Isolate them electrically from each other while maintaining a mechanical connection. At the same time, where is a wire attaches to a pole or tower, to transmit etc.



The pull of the wire to the support while insulating wire stay type insulator electrically. Therefore, when you know all these application feature. The next , you need to choose a reliable fiber glass guy strain insulator porcelain supplier for your further. Firstly, you can gather some factories to compare the straining stay wire insulator supplier for oversea. Secondly, from these manufacturers to selection some excellent supplier. And then let them provide the price and stay insulator use of application guide. At last, you need visit some powerful factory to learn their production capacity. It is a very importance thing for you. Get a lead wire stay type insulator will save much money. Meanwhile, it will become a long time cooperate partner to you about the shackle type insulator.

Huadong is a lead r wire stay type insulator supplier

Huadong as a professional strain type insulator supplier in China. It is not only one of the biggest manufacturers but also is the biggest international trading company. It is found in 2005 year, overall factory areal over 89000m2 production line 21, staffs 200, high engineer 15.



At the same time, we have over 15 years export experience in wire stay type insulator. Our products have export to Nigeria, Togo Mongolia UAE Indonesia Thailand and on on. Meanwhile, our engineer can free design fiber glass guy strain insulator porcelain according to customers requirement. Especially, we can customize acoording to the stay insulator use of where. In addition to this, we promise supply high quality strain type insulator are use for your project. In order to let customer relieve to purchase our products. We give wire stay type insulator long time after service for you.

So, whenever you purchase the straining stay wire insulator. We will give your the best price and best service.  So you don’t worry for long time cooperate in the further. Huadong will a good choice for your new fiber glass guy strain insulator porcelain work. As long as,  you have any question about the stay insulator use of question please feel contact us. We will at always service for you.

In order to get much money they add high price to sell end users. So, if you purchase insulators from them. You will cost much money for your work. But what’s why?  You get direct sales supplier is an importance thing for you. All of  these advise from hdc. And we have service more than 30 countries. Meanwhile we all the products is high quality. So please contact us any time no hesitate.

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