22 kv 132kv 11kv polymer composite post line type insulator used for substation

Where contact a powerful 22kv 132kv 33kv 11kv post type insulator manufacturer

Whenever you think about the 22kv 11kv 132kv 33kv post type insulator for your project, you need know the fellow question. Firstly, what is the 132kv 11kv 33kv post insulator price you want? Generally, the 132kv 11kv post insulator price depending on the difference materials. Such as, polymer post insulator, composite post insulator  are mainly popular 33kv 22kv11kv post type insulator use for substation. So, before buy the line post insulator 33kv, you need which type suitable for your station post insulators project.



Secondly, choose a reliable 11kv 33kv 132kv post insulator price list supplier is also an important for you. But where you can contact a real composite polymer 11kv post insulator price factory. You not only search some 33kv post insulator price manufacturers in your local, but also you can by google, alibaba, bing etc to contact oversea factories. Thirdly, how to judge the generating ability?  In order to know clearly, the best method is you visit their factory. The professional 132kv 33kv 11kv line post insulator factory not only free design the post type insulator size but also customize according to your requirement. Meanwhile, supply the free sample, if you need more insulator post 33kv help, please contact huadong fell free.

The description of 11kv 33kv 22kv 132kv post insulator

System voltage line post insulator: from 10kV to 400 kV no less than 800kv.
Outer insulation overall material: high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber.
Max, SCL: 20 kN, 45Kn, 70Kn and so on.
Max. Connecting Lenght: up to 5 m
Standards of 11kv post insulator: IEC, ASTM and so on.



The mechanical strength for insulator post 33kv 11kv 22kv
Firstly, compression strength.
Secondly, bothe torsion strength and tensile strength.
At last, cantilever strength.

Application for composite insulator post 33kv

Although, the composite line post insulator like most of 33kv post insulator. But it’s consists of a cylindrical solid insulating core made of resin impregnated fibers which bearing the mechanical load. At the same time post type insulator core is protected by outer housing made of silicone rubber. So, the load is being transmitted to the fibre glass core by metal end fittings. Composite 33kv 22kv 11kv post insulatorcan be used for substation, switchgear, electrical apparatus and so on.

Advantages from 132kv 33kv 11kv composite line post insulator to porcelain post insulator

33kv post insulator price


Firstly, light weight: the weight of composite station post type insulator is almost one third of porcelain station 132kv 33kv 11kv post insulator.
Secondly, good transportation and installation: Since composite insulator post 33kv is light weight and non-brittle, it is easy to transport and install and reduce risk of handling damage.
Thirdly, outstanding pollution performance and flashover resistance.
Fourthly, excellent seismic performance provides safety and reliability.

Technical date for post type insulator insulator for 11kv 33kv 66kv 132kv 220kV

Typical line voltage (kv) Section  length (mm2) Overall arcing distance mm creepage overall distance (mm) Specified  cantilever load (kn) Lightning impulse flashover voltage both Pos and Neg Power frequency flashover voltage both Dry and Wet
66 808 608 1645 12.5 380 360 230 205
132 2009 1795 5691 14.5 1100 1125 595 535
220 2749 2535 8181 12 1550 1600 845 760


Why choose the huadong to buy the 33kv 22kv 11kv post insulator for your project

Generally, you choice a professional 11- 132kv post insulator manufacturer. On one hand, it will provide high quanliy 11kv 33kv polymer post insulator. On the other hand, it will  supply 33kv post insulator price at lowest. Therefore, that will save much money for you. At the same time, Huadong has over 15 export experience. We have export these products to Philippinse, Yemen, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Togo, Nigerial and so on. So, huadong can also very well serive the 11kv post insulator for clients.


More over, we welcome you visit huadong group factory any time. Whenever you purch the post insulator for your power project. Huadong will the best choice. As long as, you choose Huadong Group we will whole time service for your project.

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