polymer 33kv 11kv pin insulator for high voltage power pransmission

Technical advantage of both 33kv 11kv pin type insulator and 11kv polymer pin insulator

Because of the 33kv 11kv pin type insulator is a new material product. So it is many advantage than the old tyes. Such as ERC fiber glass core rod has good insulation ability, light in weight and high strength and so on.



But do you know the new type of 33kv 11kv pin insulator have how many advantage?  Firstly, the 11kv 33kv polymer pin insulator housing is silicon rubber. At the same time, which formed by HTV and has good sealing ability and high grade of pollution proof, maintenance free etc. Secondly, The metal connection adopts crimping technique, which makes the 33kv 11 kv pin insulator compact size and no damage on the rod.  Therefore ht lt pin insulator has good sealing ability and easy for insulator. At the same time, it is easy installition for your disc type insulator project.


System Voltage: 11KV, 33KV, 66KV(69KV), 132KV, 230KV, 400KV and so on.
Material:  both composite polymer and silicon rubber.
Max. SCL: 20 kN
End Fittings Hot deep: both galvanized steel and Aluminum Alloy.
Color: Red, Brown, Gray and so on.
Application: High Voltage Power Transmission
Connection Method: Trough Type and so on.
Type: B Type Insulator
International Standard:  IEC, ANSI and so on.


The technical parameter of pin composite insulator

Because of the lt pin insulator is very popuplar in many big project. So the 11kv 33kv polymer pin insulator price is more expensive than glass ht pin insulator. Firtly, it’s structure and production is complex, and the material is high, So, the 33kv 11kv polymer pin insulator price is also high.

Rated bent withstand load(kN) Structure  overall height  (mm) Overall height(mm) umbrella overall diameter (mm) The min overall distance (mm) Min nominal creepage  (mm) bottom thread overall diameter Rated Voltage (kV)  High Voltage (kV) Lighting full wave impulse sithstand voltage in not less than
FPW-10/2T16 2 240 140/105 110 300 16 10 12 90
FPQ1W-10/4T20 4 183 140/105 127 300 20 10 12 90


Description of  both 33kv 11kv pin insulator and polymer pin insulator

Due to the 33kv 11 kv pin insulator has itself advantage. So 11kv 33kv polymer pin insulator is applied to high voltage power line service.  that becuase of pin type insulato have features of good gydrophobicity, anti-ageing, anti-leakage trace and electric erode proof. Such as tensile strength, shock resistence good quakeproof and brittle failure proof, light weight easy to installation. At the same time, the installation outline of top and base are the same size with porcelain 11kv 33kv pin insulator, they can exchange to use each other.



Where can get the 33kv 11kv polymer pin insulator price at lowest?

Whenever you purchase the lt ht pin insulator for your project, there are many things you need think abouth. For example, who can suply the excellent pin insulator from the top groove at the same time the 33kv 11 kv pin insulator price. So, if you can do well every things, you will get a good pin type insulator price suppllier. Firstly, you need choose some relailble 11kv pin insulator factories to compare the 11kv 33kv pin insulator price list, then select the lowest. Secondly, you need compare the 11 kv pin insulator quantity, it is very important for you.  So, if you want compare the silicone composite insulators please click suspension insulator.


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