11kv 33kv 66kv 115kv 132kv pin post insulator used in substation

The structure of 33kv 66kv 115kv 132kv 400kv high voltage station post insulators

We are not only supply high quality polymer station post insulators used in substation according to IEC, ANSI, standard and customers’ specification. But also supply very good after service for the 115kv 132kv 400kv substation insulators.



IEC type of post substation insulators: C8-550 , C8-1050 , C10-1175, C12.5-1800 and so on.
ANSI standard pin post insulator including: TR202, TR205, TR208,TR216, TR286, TR304 and so on.
Materials: composite, polymer, glass, porcelain and so on.
Station post insulator can made up to 1000KV, 30KN overall 800KN.
The shipping method in both Isotopic pressing and wet process are all available .

High quality 11kv 33kv 66kv 115kv 132kv pin post insulator manufacturer Huadong Group

Firstly, metal flange the flange use high density ductile iron or malleable iron. Flange surface are hot galvanized, zinc thickness IEC, ASTM and so on. Secondly, insulation of polymer station post insulators high voltage part use high aluminum porcelain C130. In order to the porcelain surface covered a layer of hard. At the same time, the 132kv 66kv 33kv pin post insulator color can made gray, brown or white.



The advantage of materials

Thirdly, Excellent Portland cement make the 132kv 115kv substation insulators have very good mechanical performance and the quality more reliable. Fourth, silicone sealant we sue a layer of silicone sealant cover 11kv 33kv 66kv 115kv 132kv pin post insulator. In order to just to protect polymer station post insulators high voltage 33kv have a longer life. In the meantime, it can prevent 11kv substation insulators cement dust fall down to pollute the electrical instrument .

At last, we can also paint HRTV on the pin post insulator body surface. So if you have such requirement. Because the HRTV coating has excellent insulation performance for 115kv 132kv pin and post insulators used in substation. Therefore, it can be used in extra heavy pollution area.



Where to contact excellent 55kv 132kv 400kv substation post insulators manufacturer?

Generally speaking, the 132kv 115kv polymer station post insulators used in substation is a big project. So, choose a powerful 115kv 132kv 400kv substation insulators manufacturer is very importance for you. But how to get the reliable 115kv pin post insulator supplier? On one hand, you can ask some 132kv polymer post station insulators friends, let them recommend some. On the other hand, you can search some polymer station post insulators high voltage 115kv 400kv suppliers by goole, Bing. At last, the good method, you can select some excellent 33kv 66kv 115kv 132kv 400kv pin post insulator manufacturer and then visit the 33kv post insulator factory.

At the same time, you can contact huadong to learn more information about polymer station post insulators used in substation. We are not only design the 11kv 66kv 115kv pin post insulator structure according to your requirement, but also free substation insulators sample for you.


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